Old-fashioned Villa


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Paghera designs the reconstruction of the garden for a large villa with classic and elegant lines, with the intention of giving new breath to the garden and the home. The landscape design project also includes the birth of the swimming pool, whose lines follow the style of the housing structure: simplicity, elegance, classicism, all of great effect. The garden that embraces the villa has a double objective: not only to decorate and restore the aesthetics of the villa but also to offer privacy. In fact, thanks to the use of medium tall trees, shrubs and trees, it is possible to obtain an isolation of the large garden from the other structures around, thus creating a green space to be enjoyed in total privacy, but still open.

To enrich the scene a beautiful classical fountain was used in classical Greek / Roman style, drawn on a border of the house, framed by plants and an antiqued floor. To get the best from the garden in all seasons, the green recipe includes a wide variety of plants, evergreen and flowering like shrub roses and climbing plants, whose white and colored blooms give joy and fragrance, Rhyncospermum also known as jasmine, high cypresses, brightly colored hydrangeas, veigela florida that is perfect to create high hedges, petunias and eleboros that with their blooms of an extreme delicacy, know how to give elegance and style to the garden, yucca, quince and lavender, evergreen plants for beauty of the garden even in winter.

In the large garden, next to the pool, the relaxation area is embellished by the pergola where you can relax in the shade of a pergola filled with climbing plants, perfect also for dinners in company, for a setting of great effect.

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