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Our landscape design projects do not always start from a blank canvas on which to build from scratch. Often Paghera must face different aspects of green architecture as re-design and improve existing gardens, even the ones containing big plants that characterize the space. The challenge in re-designing an existing garden is therefore double: to create a heavenly green space, full of blooms that alternate throughout the year remaining beautiful, but still using all the plants that are present, relocating them into the environment, finding them a suitable setting and scenario. Many times we have to follow precise directions to adapt the garden to the needs and requirements of our customers, transforming it into their dream garden. Other times we have room to let our imagination run free and create, even if that means starting from a base that already has a distinct personality.

For this residence surrounded by a large green garden, full of tall trees that create privacy, we aimed to simplify the distribution of garden spaces, following the characteristics of our green areas, and to radically change the area of the staircase, giving a more ample view on the surroundings. The landscape design project alfo features a spectacular infinity pool, the main character of the project alongside the garden, of the whole scene.

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