A fascinating picture on the French coast


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Paghera designs a beautiful private garden on the French Riviera: an explosion of colors and scents invade the environment, filling every corner of the property and climbing on pergolas and gazebos, while the scents, colors and Mediterranean flavors inebriate the senses.
The elegant swimming pool dominates the landscape already fascinating in itself: together with the garden that embraces the pool, they create a spectacular visual on the luxurious French Riviera rich in green, visually creating a bridge with the surrounding landscape. The mosaic patterns of the pool and the round shape of its steps give character and style, while the gazebos and pergolas are ready to welcome the visitors in a fragranced sun shade.

The atmosphere is relaxed, fresh and cozy, the scents of the garden and colors of the sea make you dream. The design of the thriving garden, thanks to the height of the green that grows vertically, protects from neighboring properties and gives intimacy, an important detail in French coast area in which the spaces between the properties are reduced.

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