Harmony between the hills

پروژه ها

17 از 58 باغ ها
A splendid scenario opens to the eye while admiring this lansdcape design project curated by Paghera, that appear as emerging from the green hills. The environmental context is fascinating and restful: only luxurious green vegetation ahead of the eyes, view to which Paghera landscapers have given geometrical harmony and unforgettable splendour.

The garden project is characterized by regularity and harmony thanks to the artistic positioning of plants, blooms, green elements and to the choice of esences that perfectly adapt to the sorroundings. The dominant theme is the stretch of green meadow shaped in big circles over which round motifes lead the eye to its center featuring a perfectly circular shrub.

The green grass blanket is perfectly curated in the center, leading the visitor to an increasingly spontaneous vegetation, naturally looking on the edges of the garden. The natural setting is itself an extraordinary work of art but the choice of centuries-old olive trees makes this landscape design project a unique one, bringing together the most beautiful elements that the Mediterranean landscape and garden design has to offer. This Paghera projects is a trimuph of pleasantness and equilibrium, an Eden that indulges the need of relaxation and the human necessity of making unique and harmoniuos what is un irregular and chaotic, creating beauty.

Spontaneity of the voumetric dimension, environmental harmony and landscape design of extraordinary beauty; one more time Paghera’s know-how and the 150 years of landscape design experience create unique, unforgettable perspectives and gardens you’ll fall in love with.

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