A mansion house converted into a prestigious villa

پروژه ها

5 از 58 باغ ها
NOVARA – PIEDMONT: a mansion house converted into a prestigious villa.

Rural old complex, family garden that needed renovation, a new dream to be united to the past: in only four months Paghera did the magic . The 3000 meters of natural garden in Piedmont, Northern Italy are the expression of the spontaneity of the green plants, poetry of nature, calling to the sentimental world of memory, emotion and domestic intimacy of the green space encouraged to gain different colors according to the season. Plants and nature are the main characters: compositions and combinations of green blooms design the space to soften the lines of the architecture.

The planted elements are used with extreme freedom, the strips are predominantly composed of herbaceous plants from which sprout flowers in variegated colors. The crops are left in their natural state, in compliance with the requirements of the plants, which never require too much care, as it should be in every garden. The pebbles of winding paths, the roses of the garden, the suspended atmosphere and the view that captures the boundless horizon: everything is masterfully integrated, like the natural completion of this work of poetic design and value.

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