Country Spirit

پروژه ها

3 از 58 باغ ها
On the hills of Emilia Romagna, a rustic structure with a typical countryside style gains a new life and becomes embraced by nature and poetry. The whole restoration and green project, signed Paghera, allowed the residence to be enriched with pergolas, gazebos and beads in iron and wood, using raw and natural materials borrowed from the peasant Italian culture, that are suitable to embody the best of the atmosphere and environment that surrounds the property.

Embraced to the added elements, the lush ivy and colorful wisteria pour themselves surrounding the cottage itself, drawing colorful paintings in between leaves and stones. The grassy pathways, surrounded by patches of aromatic Mediterranean plants, rosemary, roses, blue and yellow hypericum caryopteris, drive to the natural stone pool that allows one to fully emerge in the atmosphere and to enjoy the fascinating view with castle in the background. Paghera paints here a picture of green and flowery Mediterranean essences in a countryside warm atmosphere that splendidly calm the mind and cure the soul.

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