A garden is born on the roof of a bank


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It has been thought  to offer to clients and employers  a place to relax, oxygenate their minds, hold open- air meetings. Seven hundred square metres of green scenography. A wall along the perimeter  of autochthonous forest trees, berried  shrubs and flowered bushes -  to guarantee a continuous  change of colours and blooms all over the year. In the centre, on a substratum  25 cm high, a ready-made  grass carpet has been laid down. Everything is automatically irrigated with water coming from the air conditioning systems, added with ozone  to knock down bacterical loads  and prevent from arising trees diseases. A green scenario with cleaner lines that frame the reverse angle of the bank entrance, exploiting it with a water mirror wall at which feet, among pebbles and water, lays the famous bronze sculpture “Il pescatore” (The fisherman).

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