Between luxuriant and rigorous


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An explosion of nature in a modern building with severe lines, in which Paghera reinvents and rethinks a terrace with an enourmous potential, left unused by the owners.
The project wants to lighten the rough lines with lush green and soften the geometric shapes of the  architecture of this modern structure, linear and heavy. All around the apartment, on three sides, runs the terrace: Paghera enriches it with a luxuriant flood of typical editerranean plants: from bougainvillea, jasmine and palm trees, peep aromatic plants of capers and rosemary. A flowery garden in the terrace all year round, full of perfumes, colors, textures and aromas, with an original and unique character, free to grow wild, according to the rules of nature thanks to Paghera's intelligent use of plants and flowers.

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