Party night in a Paghera kitchen garden. An event, a green party organised at G&B in Flero, Gianni Peroni’s well-known fashion and lifestyle emporium.

Everyone’s caught on to the craze for kitchen gardens, even the fashion world, famous for its nose for a new trend, latched on the phenomenon immediately and decided to celebrate with something dear to the fashionista heart: an event, a green party. which is why gianni Peroni, founder of the well-known g&B fashion boutique just outside Brescia specialising in haute couture and lifestyle, decided to present his new collection in a brand-new kitchen garden in the grounds of the company’s renovated 18th-century villa headquarters.

Peroni commissioned Paghera green Philosophy, a leading landscaping company with a sterling reputation for professional quality, refinement and innovation, to turn his idea into reality. Paghera came up with a dramatic set for the two thousand plus guests reminiscent of a medieval garden, with square flowerbeds filled with vegetables, aromatic herbs and cucurbitaceae, bordered with woven willow edging.
A little further on circular bales of straw were neatly laid out as seating for the guests. Some models in country attire wove their way through the crowds carrying wicker baskets brimming with fruit and vegetables, while others were busy preparing intriguingly original bouquets of scented herbs, fresh chilli peppers and roses.

As always with Paghera projects, nothing was left to chance, the natural setting was carefully crafted down to the last tiny detail to make a spectacularly enchanting impact, the result of a happy blend of creativity, sophisticated technology and in-depth botanical expertise. A fruitful garden whose discreet touches were reminiscent of timeless nature and its rhythms.
Making a kitchen garden for gianni Peroni was to some extent a mirror of daily life, with passion, care, commitment and time yielding all the satisfaction of an abundant harvest.
The illuminated mulberry trees and aromatic shrubs were given a touch of hi-tech with a video wall by felice Limosani, the creative communication company and digital storytellers much-courted by numerous luxury brands.
guests were asked to come to this green party barefoot in order to rediscover the exquisite pleasure of walking barefoot on the grass and enjoy a lost sense of liberty.

from Lucia Impelluso

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