Browse Green club - Winter 2013
From the deserts of Egypt to the Russian tundra, from jasmines to peonies, through the mundane, glowing Cote d’Azur, a triumph of Mediterranean scents and flowers. For every environment there’s a climate, for every garden there’s a flower.
In this issue, ‘going green’ features in its many variants: from macro to micro, from landscape gardening to flowers, those of Gianfranco Paghera and his vast collection. An exciting journey through art, culture and nature, through real gardens, imaginary gardens and painted gardens. The boundary is blurred, shapes blend into each other, but the goal is always the same: surprise and wonder.

Egypt: a stretch of desert overlooking the Red Sea and 49 hectares of sand to transform into an oasis In just over a year parched sand was replaced by a lush garden of palm trees and tropical plants ..
Aristocratic, luxurious, chic and as scintillating as the turquoise sea it is named after. All this and more is the côte d’azur,  that corner of the south of france bathed by the mediterranean ..
André Le Nôtre’s masterpiece, the garden at Versailles, is the symbol of Louis XIV’s reign and the France of the Grand Siécle. The bulk of the work on this is most admired, ..
A heritage of green genes, shared with her brother gianfranco, together with an innate instinct for beauty, harmony and architectural rigour, are the roots and branches of anna paghera’s style, ..
The art of cultivating miniature plants goes back to China in the 15th century BCE, where they were called p’en - ts’ai, or landscapes in a vase. When the art reached Japan during the Kamakura ..
The Republic of Tatarstan The Republic of Tatarstan, part of the Russian Federation, is located in the Volga Federal District at the confluence of the two great rivers of the Volga and the Kama, about ..
Were you aware that colour only exists thanks to light? Alone brings us colours. No colour is self-sustaining, they all rely on a host of factors: the way light is reflected, the other colours around ..
London's new garden bridge   1 November 2013 saw the presentation in London of the Garden Bridge project, a pedestrian bridge across the Thames linking the South Bank and Temple. At 367 ..

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