A huge thank you to all our 574,620 clients and friends, because you are the ones who have allowed us to dream and create all our marvellous landscapes, large and small, consolidating a success acknowledged around the world. Paghera celebrates its 150th birthday with important achievements in 53 countries. Hundreds of millions of hectares of land converted into parks and gardens, thousands of public and private projects, of resorts transformed into earthly paradises... unique settings redolent with the scents and alive with the colours that only nature offers in a kaleidoscope of magical sensations.
Today, as always, we are faced with challenges in countries that differ profoundly in their climates and location, challenges to realise huge landscape projects that will stand the test of time as a symbol of nature. The only thing we had was a dream, and the only thing we have now is our history... Which lives on with you....

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