M.A.S. Group - The "Future of Africa" Project


3 of 3 Serial Construction Method
A grand project, firmly supported and championed by M.A.S. Group Magnifica Service. A major African group, aware of the huge potentials of their country, sure that economic independence and social progress may only be achieved through property and industrial independence. A resolve that is perfectly described by the name chosen for the project: "FUTURE OF AFRICA". A sustainable, phased urban plan involving the development of 3 countries – Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso – starting with the building of Africa’s largest INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT to produce most of the building materials required for our DEVELOPMENT PROJECT.

"FUTURE OF AFRICA" is a project of unprecedented proportions, as may be argued from its figures: 500,000 houses of 5 different kinds, set like small private heavens in
dial-shaped “ideal neighbourhoods” designed by Gianfranco Paghera, according to the Green Philosophy architectural and urban criteria. In turn, 60 dials combine into a hexagonal city, for a total of 62 hexagon-cities and 3,782 dial-neighbourhoods. Geometrical units laid out in a flexible pattern that is in keeping with the local landscape and morphology, with the new houses moulded and shaped over a surface of 110,000 HECTARES.

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