M.A.S. Group - "Future of Africa" project


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A wonder project, firmly wanted and sustained by M.A.S. Group Magnifica Service. An important African group aware of the enormous potential of their country and sure that economic independence and social progress can be achieved only through real estate and industrial autonomy. A wish identified in the name chosen to represent the project: "FUTURE OF AFRICA". A plan of sustainable and gradual urbanization that foresees the development of three Countries - Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso – and starts from the realization of the biggest INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT of Africa  to produce most of the building materials necessary for the realization of the Real Estate Project.

It is a project of which extraordinary importance is denoted by the numbers: 500.000 housing units divided in 5 different typologies, inserted as little private paradises  in “ideal districts”, quadrant-shaped, designed by Arch. Gianfranco Paghera according to the architectural and city planning Green Philosophy principles. Then, 60 quadrants form an hexagon-shaped city, for a total of 62 hexagon-cities and 3.782 quadrant-districts. Geometric modules distributed according to a flexible scheme that takes into consideration both landscape and morphological aspects moulding and adapting the form of the new housing nucleuses to a surface of 110.000 hectares.

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