"The Palm" - Dubai - U.A.E.


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It was defined as the “eighth wonder of the world”. Definitely an historical and critical point to the birth of the myth of the city of Dubai ( UAE) . The project, unique in its kind, involved many international groups: among them, Paghera was selected as the designer of the landscape of the island and also of the public and private area and the hotel and shopping mall. They made feasibility studies and a careful selection of construction techniques and best tree essences, taking care of both aesthetically and reducing maintenance costs. The structure consists of a palm tree trunk and a crown with 17 branches, enclosed by a crescent which is a 11 km long breakwater. The island is 5 km long and 5 km along the axis in the transverse direction.The first phase of the project involved the creation of 4,000 housing villas and apartments: 1,400 villas are situated on the island 11 branches and about 2,500 apartments spread across 20 buildings along the eastern side of the trunk.


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