Christmas dinner - "In a wood of firs and lights" - for Total, Milan headquarters


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The entry of the headquarters. In the imposing entry, characterized by rigorous and minimal lines, are eight vases of great dimensions containing exemplary of Euphorbia Pulcherrima (Stars of Christmas) to underline the Christmas atmosphere and to emphasize the colour of the seats that furnish the room.

The rooms of the party: "Great room".A large room, rigour, minimalism and the large number of guests required an intervention with orderly lines and important volumes, yet not overly invasive. The big pots containing the Stars of Christmas,“fil rouge” of the setting, are distributed rhythmically among the tables of the buffet.

The rooms of the party: ”The wood of the firs". Perfume of resin and barks, scents of fresh and sparkling firs, the magic of snow: a spellbound atmosphere recreated for the buffet zone, prepared with tables dressed by impalpable and candid tablecloths reminding of snow, stormed by a fall of bright fireflies.

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