News and Events - 2016

Hot news, special initiatives, events, new projects and all things special to give you a picture of the current events and the extent of Paghera holding’s mission: you can find all this in this section, targeted as much to the media as to our customers, to those who would like to buy from us, or to those who simply love us.

If you are a journalist and you would like to receive further information or high-resolution pictures, please send an email to: or call +39 0309917811.

Requests will be met by uploading the materials on our FTP and sending you personal links you can click on.
Paghera is designing a huge factory for concept cars, just outside Abu Dhabi. An ambitious project that draw a building with shapes never seen before.
Thanks to the international experience in garden realization, Paghera can design incredible landscapes in every corner of the World. Not only with temperate or mediterranean climate, but with every atmospheric ..
Paghera's world is increasingly open to major international markets. A few days ago we hosted major Chinese architects in our headquarters . It was a day full of excitement, happiness, but also an ..
In Piedmont, on a beautiful quiet hill surrounded by nature, Paghera creates one of its richest and most spectacular gardens. Three thousand square meters of land turned into a green garden park, designed ..
Thanks to the over time gained experience, Paghera has learned how to value the garden in its every single detail, bringing out colors and perfumes. Making the own creations magnificent as by daytime ..
On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of February, MyPlant & Garden fain took place in Milan, the most important professional expo for green design in Italy. At the fain have participated some of the biggest ..
Paghera goes online on the exclusive Apple TV and offers the possibility to all the enthusiasts of green scanarios, landscape design, green architecture, gardens, pool and terrace design, to transform ..
We are already preparing someyhing for the summer, with a project in the Dominican Republic that promises to be as unique as spectacular. A tree house surrounded by wild tropical nature, far from any ..
It doesn't exist an award more prestigious about turism and luxury hotels than the "World Luxury Hotel Awards", an event that involves the most important and gorgeus hotels in the world, rewarding those ..
Imagine the largest fountain in the world, imagine it vibrating of water and fire features, up to 20 meters high, imagine lighting and sound effects that enliven the large square in all its corners. 40,000 ..

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