Soho Hotel - Turkey


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One of the most important and new hotels in Istanbul, Soho House represents the refinement and English style that distinguishes the Soho House chain, a private resort club that offers luxury and exclusive services for an equally exclusive clientele.  

Paghera, together with the prestigious collaborator "Bilgili Holding", designs the green areas of the structure and the swimming pool located on the super-penthouse floor. Thanks to the extremely careful setting and attention to the smallest details, Paghera manages to exalt the beauty of the architecture of the historical building of Istanbul, restructuring of the old American embassy. The landscape design project includes the construction of numerous green areas for both common and private areas, restaurants, terraces and the construction of the swimming pool area.

The final result? Elegance, refinement, eco-sustainability, beauty beyond expectations, in the unmistakable Paghera style.

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