Book Paghera 2018 - publications
Titolo: Libro Paghera 2018
Fotografia: Elena Paghera
Testi: Gianfranco Paghera e Anna Paghera
Stampa: Paghera 2018

Paghera is still growing, which led her to work in 56 different countries in 2018, continuing her history of successes and major projects. A story that is not only the company's one, but becomes the history of nature itself.
Reading our book you can discover the history of nature and perhaps, one day, be part of it.

"The best thing for a designer is to find someone who will let him express his full potential. That' s why I want to thank all our customers, to whom I owe a worldwide success. The reputation of a name synonymous of quality and beauty, a pioneer of style, design technique and communication.

To them and to all those who will come, thank you!"

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