I Giardini Pensili Paghera - IBook

PAGHERA ROOF GARDENS is the second book in a series of seven volumes in the “Paghera Collection” now finally available in the iBookstore.
The series describes some of this international leader in landscaping and green engineering’s most stunning projects, making the most of eBook technology.
This book, like its fellow volumes, explores design expertise and landscaping at its best through the latest in eBook technology, with photo galleries, text, notes, HD images and interactive projects.
Paghera has long been a byword in landscaping at its best, a brand that guarantees experience and refined style in planning and creating gardens, green engineering and mega-projects. Now Paghera shares some of their secrets in this fascinating series.
Right from their initial approach, the Paghera modus operandi, through to their painstaking attention to the perfection of each and every detail, the first volume of the “Paghera Gardens” series gives a comprehensive overview of the Paghera philosophy and design. In this series famous gardeners and landscapers, the Paghera family, reveal how they have transformed so many gardens, terraces, pools and landscaping projects.
Coming out every fortnight, the iBookstore volumes form a magnificent gallery of images complete with details and in-depth comments. During our journey through these stunning earthly paradises we discover all the professional expertise and genius of one of Italy’s leading companies.
Paghera Roof Gardens”, the second book in the series, covers the themes detailed below.

The book is divided into eight chapters:

  • About Paghera
  • A private paradise
  • Zen Inspiration
  • Green living
  • Garden rooms
  • The garden on the roof of a bank
  • Discreetly luxuriant luxury
  • Paghera world gardens

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