Green Club Magazine n.8 - Christmas special edition


Landscapers, architects, leaders of complex restoration and territorial transformation. A history started in 1865, more than 150 years ago, that has always grown strictly in contact with nature. A history imprinted in the genetic code: “pagher”, in ancient Brescia dialect means “fir” and in a wider sense “forest”. Five generations of nurserymen that, one after the other, have thoroughly studied the nature capturing its every secret.
Tradition and experience, with the help of the most advanced technology, allow the company to work all over the world for anysize and type of intervention: from the design and realization of terraces, gardens, public and private parks to the large and complex interventions of recovery and environmental restoration, such as reforestation or water purification.

At its historical headquarter in Lonato, PAGHERA has created anemotional and interactive journey over an area of over 4 hectares, consisting of several “green rooms“ to show to the client the trueessence of landscape art.

Our peculiarity is the ability to design, build and maintain alltypes of outdoor areas, from the smallest garden to the greatest masterpiece.
Our multidisciplinary team, with experience in every landscape’ssector, from plants, to domotics, flooring, swimming pools,lighting, irrigation, allows us to realize ready-made projects andgive the customer a complete guarantee on the result.
For five generations Paghera Group has designed and realized gardens and landscapes in all its forms, working mainly in the residential, contract and environmental sectors: terraces, gardens, private villas, hotels, resorts, spas, great residential/touristic areas, important reforestation projects, both in the public and privatesectors.
We are now working in more than 55 different countries, not only in Europe, but also in South America, Russia, Southeast Asia,North Africa and the United Arab Emirates.
A highly qualified team able to intervene in any climaticcondition, operating with deep respect for the landscape and the environment and proposing innovative solutions, even in the worst situation.
A company that has become an important global leader and that has always contributed to promote the excellence and elegance of Italian style in the world.

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