Green Designer - Professional training

The course to become a senior technician for the monitoring and management of land and the environment, or Green Designer, is meant to produce a person who is able to interact with architects and town planners and who is able to plan, design and re-qualify the urban and extra-urban environment by visualising the entire plan.
Furthermore, the technician will have knowledge of tree species, irrigation technologies, non-polluting materials and the functional constraints of environmental design. 

The professional figure at the end of the course will be capable of designing the whole structure of green areas - from parks and gardens to the recovery of disused areas etc - translating the functional and aesthetic requirements of plans and infrastructures into feasible landscape solutions. 

To be considered for one of the 20 places available, it is necessary to have the entrance requirements: professional diploma at European level 3, five-year liceo diploma or final diploma of secondary school. 

Selection based on motivational interview and evaluation of resume.

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