L'Andana, La Badiola Property - Castiglione della Pescaia

قرارداد ها

3 از 19 هتل ها
"La Badiola", is a charming property in Tuscany, a true mirror of the ancient soul of the Maremma, with its splendor and the prestige of its past history. The building is pampered by the exceptional beauty of the surrounding countryside, with its gentle hills scattered with olive trees which alternate rhythmically with the fascinating vineyards. The name L'Andana is a clear reference to the long driveway leading to the property, flanked by cypresses and pine trees in an uncontaminated nature park. Here you can breathe the scent of the real country-side, enriched by the fragrances of the Tyrrhenian Sea salt, which creates a sensorial experience that overwhelm the guests’ heart.

These are only some of the reasons that led the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II of Lorraine to choose the proprety as his residence. In love with the immense natural spaces, he decided to turn the property into a small and vibrant village, that today, thanks to the inventiveness, gardens and landscape design by Paghera Group, gains a new green soul, with the re-design of the blooms, the vast meadows and shrubs, and technical and artistic operations for water and light effects.

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