Sitting between the nature's color

پروژه ها

6 از 18 تراس ها
Paghera creates here a beautiful terrace that proposes a rich and lush anthology of jasmine, azaleas and palms. In the solarium area, with pavement in teak, they were laid, as designed, the wooden chairs with elegant white upholstery and an outdoor table, suitable for moments of relaxation.

All around the open-air terrace, a Mediterranean view that allows a relaxing sensation of well-being: green, blooms and the sky. The other half of the terrace is dominated by a wooden pergola that seems to be submerged in lush vegetation and overflowing, allowing a whole year wondreful diversity through the cycles of nature and green. The biodiversity of the terrace designed by Paghera is stimulating; it enhances the sensations bursting due to the explosion of green vegetation and color of which can be enjoyed all year round.

A green oasis in the city with a strong Mediterranean-inspired and sometimes even exotic traits that Paghera designed with a ever growing sense of harmony and creativity, qualities that distinguish each and every project of landscape design. The terrace is a roof garden, a precious naturalistic design gem set among the rooftops that dazzles whoever is preparing to enter.

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