Petra Wine Cellar


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Petra Wine is a historic wine cellar in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, whose architectural project was signed by Mario Botta and represents a masterpiece of engineering and contemporary design that perfectly marries Italian tradition, the surrounding landscape and modern architecture. The structure is ather of original and appears as central and imposing at the foot of a hill, superimposing its linear and rational performance to the deep landscape, intensely colored green and nature. Despite the important dimensions of the building, which stands out among the Tuscan hills, its figure is well suited to the surrounding area, as if it had always been there, in that exact position, waiting for us to see it.

In this suggestive and very poetic context, Paghera redesigns the green that embraces the structure to give it liveliness and soften the modern lines of the structure: oaks, olive trees and Mediterranean plants give a sense of belonging, the use of native plants of the Mediterranean maquis was d 'obligation to give strength to the ancient Tuscan wine traditions and make the company Petra sink even more roots in this fertile and productive land. In this context, sunlight makes you discover a large natural garden that has always belonged to this land rich in grapes that smell the air; it is precisely the perfumed air of Suvereto together with the wind and the sun, the Nature and the craftsmanship of an ancient process that make the transformation of these grapes into wine into a metaphor of a land so special.

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