Basilica of S Maria del Carmine in Pavia - "A concert in honour of Pope Benedetto XVI"

قرارداد ها

7 از 18 پروژه های خاص
BASILICA DI SANTA MARIA DEL CARMINE, Pavia. In the mystic and suggestive faint light enriched by precious frescos, falls of flowers in the colours of the sun have adorned, in a soft embrace almost nine meters long, the mighty columns made by ancient bricks of the fifteenth-century church, considered one of the most beautiful examples of the Gothicof Lombardy architecture. This is the floral scenography created on occasion of the concert organized in honour of the visit of Pope Benedetto XVI in Pavia. ON THE STAGE: Ambrogio Maestri, considered the greatest baritone of our time, accompanied by the orchestrating academy of the bows of Milan and by the violinist Matteo Fedeli, who has played with a precious 1681 Stradivari for the occasion, value of the tool between five and six million Euros, arrived to Pavia with a personal escort.

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