Pitti Uomo - "Lounge Marrakech" for Monsieur magazine

قرارداد ها

14 از 18 پروژه های خاص
Pitti Uomo 2008, Florence, Fortezza da Basso- Costruzioni Lorenesi
For a splendid magazine devoted to the extravagant man, on the base of the mood desired by Franz Botrè that directs and edits it, Anna Paghera has designed and realized the interiors of an opulent lounge in pure Marrakech style. The intimacy of the famous alcoves, the exotic and slightly mysterious atmosphere of the ancient riads, illuminated by the projective magic of marvellous lamps with spellbound plots of light. Draperies of gauze, cotton and Egyptian jute, palms and a touch of African green, a D’Annunzio-style stratification of carpets, low wooden tables and carved metal, angles full of pillows made of  precious fabrics, for relaxed and informal conversations, between sumptuous amber perfumes and music of the desert. Every piece that furnishes the Oasis is unique, result of the search of Mansé, technical partner (see page Network, section Furnishings and Complements, www.arredamento-ethnic.it), that we  thank for having assisted us in the unbelievable enterprise, finished in just twenty days.

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