Pitti Uomo - "Please, Stop & Relax" for Mr. Lapo Elkann - Italia Independent

قرارداد ها

12 از 18 پروژه های خاص
Pitti Uomo 2008, Florence, Fortezza da Basso - Piazzale delle Ghiaie
A post impressionist/hi-tech revisiting  of the “Dejeuner sur l’Erbe” of Manet, projected and realized by Anna Paghera for Italia Independent, the company founded by Lapo Elkann. In the Piazzale delle Ghiaie, neuralgic crossroad of Pitti exhibition, in an area of 350square meters a garden with a  bucolic and natural atmosphere has been recreated, with mulberries  five meters high, wildflowers, spontaneous grass and hay bales transformed in sculpture-seats. More than a garden, an extravagant on-site installation including flou coloured exhibitor-gazebos  and an emotional video realized by Geneva Elkann as a sensitive counterpoint. A hideout  of green and shade in which the protagonists are fashion, art and the real luxury: slow down the rhythm, relaxing yourself.

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