"Domina Coral Bay" - Sharm El Sheik - Egypt

قرارداد ها

6 از 24 مجموعه های توریستی
Overlooking the most beautiful and fascinating bay of the Red Sea, Domina Coral Bay complex is indeed a jewel of landscape design: the beauty of the gardens splendidly designed by Paghera are added to the beauty of the surrounding nature, rich in countless plant species, palm trees and brightly colored flowering plants.

The view is charming and welcoming, the fragranced Oriental air is felt at every step, Egypt's warm atmosphere transports the visitor into a total relaxation. The resort's location is strategic and the view over the crystal-clear sea is unforgettable, a view that can be admired from the walkway on the sea designed by Paghera, with the pools included for total a immersion in the blue. The scent of the Red Sea and the sun, the golden sand of the beaches, the fragrant breeze and on the shore - the beautiful gardens of lush greenery designed by Paghera: hard to want more out of a holiday.

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