Rixos Premium Hotel Tekirova - Antalya Turkey

قرارداد ها

3 از 24 مجموعه های توریستی
Rixos Premuim Tekirova faces a bay of turquoise sea waters, jewels of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tekirova Village has been erected on a surface of 192.000 square meters and it's surrounded by conifer slopes that allow the building to integrate perfectly in the natural vegetation. The gardens and the walkways, Mediterranean plans and flowers, animate and give perfume to all the village and are used as a frame and as a unique scenery to this splendid project.

The broad-walks, wood made for making sure that the natural balance is not being altered in any way, cross the small artificial lakes offering romantic atmospheres and relaxing moments. In this kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances, the citrus trees mix to the wonderful native vegetation and lead to the beaches, another incredible example of elegance and exclusiveness signed Paghera.   

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